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You may find it difficult to enjoy your patio and the outdoors if your sliding glass door is broken. With the help of our sliding glass door repair services, you will be able to open your sliding door with just one finger, saving you money over purchasing a brand-new sliding glass door repair.


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Prior to repairing your sliding glass door system, the Local Sliding Glass Door Repair experts must remove the door. Large glass doors are heavy and need to be handled carefully to prevent harm to the environment or the doors themselves. We assure them that we will make all necessary efforts to keep their houses clean and that we will clean up after ourselves because many homeowners are worried about the dust and debris that will be produced during a sliding door repair. We thoroughly clean your track at your residence or place of business in Cooper City, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Pompano Beach, Florida, all within Broward County.

We'll check to see if the sliding door track is rusted, damaged, or out of place

Sometimes misaligned rails can be swiftly brought back into alignment by being knocked out of place. Additionally, loose screws may cause the sliding door track to move out of alignment, although this problem is simple to remedy. To ensure that your sliding glass doors operate smoothly and effectively, we will add a screw-down stainless steel top with a lifetime warranty if the current track cannot be fixed. Another issue with sliding doors is the buildup of dirt or loose debris in the tracking system. To ensure that the door can open and close smoothly once more, we’ll search for any debris and clean it.

Sliding Door Roller, Track, Balance, And Spring Repair

Track Repair / Roller Replacement

If your sliding door is broken, getting outside or into other parts of the house may be challenging. Any part that makes up the sliding door system can be fixed or replaced. Sliding doors, especially sliding glass doors, can be quite heavy, so special skills and knowledge are required for their repair and component replacement. To examine it and identify the step, we must disassemble the door before we can take it to be repaired. If a little repair or component replacement is required to make the sliding door simple to open and close, we’ll let you know.
Sliding Glass Door Repair - Local Sliding Glass Door Repair (786) 634-2432
Sliding Glass Door Repair - Local Sliding Glass Door Repair (786) 634-2432

Sliding Door Track Repair

Repairing Sliding Door Tracks

Like we did with the rollers preventing the movement of your sliding doors, we’ll need to take the door to determine if the track is the issue. Over time, these sliding door tracks are vulnerable to degradation, which makes them operate badly, stick when sliding, or simply not open or close. We first assess whether the issue is brought on by wear, bending, or misalignment before we begin to repair sliding door tracks. In many cases, misaligned rails and tracks with loose screws can be easily fixed. If we can’t repair your track, we’ll replace it so you can use the doorway once more.

Lock & Handle Repair & Replacement

Securing your patio sliding door is essential. Patio doors are a common target for thieves since they are simple to open from the outside. Avoid being a victim of a break-in. Every patio door in the home should have a Double-Bolt lock installed to increase security. The lock prevents the sliding door from being lifted out of the track. Give us a call to arrange for a FREE, On-Site Estimate right away if you need sliding glass door lock repair or replacement in your area!
Sliding Glass Door Repair - Local Sliding Glass Door Repair (786) 634-2432
Sliding Glass Door Repair - Local Sliding Glass Door Repair (786) 634-2432

Sliding Glass Door Roller Replacement

Typically, the door rollers are made of metal or plastic. Normally, a few screws hold the rollers in place, so this is a simple fix. When the rollers on your sliding door are the issue, it is typically because they have corroded so badly that they cannot spin or roll. Bearings need to be replaced since they are regularly at fault. After the rollers have been successfully replaced, we will reinstall your sliding glass door and ensure smooth operation. Contact us right away for roller replacement and repair in Broward County, Florida.

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